Construction and Renovations

KT Maintenance Company, Inc. understands the value of reliability; producing high quality work consistently. Whether we are constructing within your facility from the ground up; or renovating an existing space; our project managers focus on getting the project completed on time and within budget – making KTM a value-added team member.

We have a strong, dedicated focus on safety, which is a must to succeed within our industry. It has been said, "Everyone goes home safely!" Our team is trained to mitigate any hazards that might arise. We bring our best to every project to which you entrust us.

Services We Provide

  • Turnkey construction of commercial office buildings.
  • Demolition of pipe lines and pipe racks.
  • Fabrication and installation of utility piping systems.
  • Steel fabrication and installation
  • Remodeling of existing office buildings.
  • Civil construction

Civil Construction and Remodeling

  • Site Work (Clearing & Grubbing; Backfill)
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete (Building & Equipment Foundations; Paving
  • Pipe Rack Piers

Steel Construction and Fabrication

  • Structural Steel - Small Elevated platforms; Ladders; Pipe support & racks

Pipe Fabrication and Installation

  • Fabrication - alloy & C/S
  • Installation - Unit; Piperack; Underground - C/S, Cast Iron, HDPE; PVC)

Other Services

  • Excavating / Grading Paving
  • Foundations and Area Concrete Paving
  • Building Construction & Remodeling
  • Field Fabrication
  • New Construction
  • Project Management
  • Demolition / Dismantling

Want to work with us? Email us or give us a call at (409) 982-9952.