Safety Attendants

Safety attendants (Fire Guard / Fire Watch) are specifically trained in the proper execution and management of safety-related issues at the work site to which they are assigned. They review the Hot Work Permit and fill out a detailed job hazard analysis that includes all critical information, permit data, PPE requirements, communication details, emergency plans, etc., prior to the start of the work. In addition, KTM safety attendants are trained and charged with identifying, mitigating and reporting all potential safety hazards.

Monitor Technicians

  • LEL Monitor Technicians
  • Technician shall bump-test the four gas monitor on a daily basis.
  • Technician shall calibrate the four gas monitors and the personal H2S monitors monthly; or as per site requirements.

Fresh Air Attendants

  • Oversees fresh air oxygen bottles to ensure sufficient air flow
  • Inspects all tags and tests oxygen bottles
  • Ensures bottles are in an upwind / crosswind position
  • Plans an escape route
  • Prepares necessary documents prior to job start.

Forklift Operators & General Laborers

Our safety attendants are cross-trained in one or more general labor functions often needed at the plant.

  • Unit Clean-up & Housekeeping
  • Water/Ice Management & Distribution
  • General Helpers
  • Forklift Operators

Certified Flaggers

KT Maintenance Company, Inc. has its own Certified Trainer; enabling us to provide you with Certified Flaggers.

  • Protecting the lives of workers
  • Alert and attentive workers
  • Guiding traffic safely past the work area
  • Controlling traffic
  • Communicating with motorists
  • Stopping traffic
  • Slowing traffic
  • Releasing traffic
  • Clear signals

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